Make a profit with the most transparent and convenient platform.

  • Your funds are safe
    The platform and traders do not have access to withdraw your funds from the exchange and can only perform trading operations.
    Transparent statistics of results
    Complete statistics on trading results and current balance status in your profile. You only pay commission from your profit.
    Profit without participation in trading
    We offer connection to real trading champions who have been selected based on real results and risk management requirements. No trading skills are required from you.


3 month
12 month
3 мес116.52%
12 мес363.22%
3 мес60.53%
12 мес183.66%
3 мес46.41%
12 мес138.44%
3 мес37.13%
12 мес182.80%
3 мес-6.49%
12 мес-6.49%
3 мес-14.25%
12 мес-23.94%
3 мес-36.27%
12 мес133.72%
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Find out how much you've been earning. Create an API on BitMEX with basic key permissions (dash) and get a permanent link to the page with confirmed results.

Make money with us on incredible opportunities in the crypto market.

  • Simple
    Connect your BitMEX account to your favorite trader and just get income!
    High Performance
    Our main advantage - maximum speed and quality synchronization of trades.
    The platform and traders do not have access to withdraw your funds. Your funds are constantly with you.
    The strategies presented by traders differ by level of risk and profitability. You can choose several strategies.
    All personal data and API keys are stored in an encrypted form, which excludes their transfer to third parties.
    High Technology
    The terminal, specially designed for the copytrading, provides visual and quality synchronization of transactions.

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We recommend to invest and measure the results in annual results, so we have developed for you cost-effective long-term rates for copytrading.
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Simple and convenient service: you connect and wait for results. The control of trader's risks is set when connecting to a strategy, which is a big plus.

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