How to connect

Our traders trade on the largest exchange BitMEX. To get started, you need your own account at the exchange.

Step 1: Registering an account on the BitMEX exchange

Use this link to register and get affiliate discounts on exchange commissions.

Enter your email, password and name, and click "Register".

Step 2. Confirmation of registration.

Confirm your registration at the Exchange by clicking on the link sent to you in an e-mail to your mailbox.

Step 3. Deposit replenishment.

You can deposit money to the exchange account only in bitcoins. Address of a wallet for deposit can be obtained by selecting Account => Deposit in the main menu next to the logo of the exchange. Funds are usually credited within 10-20 minutes after the transfer.Minimum deposit to connect to the trader: 0.05 BTC.


Step 4. Create an API key.

With this key, the TradingChamp platform will be able to copy trades of the trader you choose to your own account. In this case, neither the service nor the trader have access to withdraw funds from your account. Go to: Account -> API Keys.


Name: any

CIDR: not filled

Key Permissions: Order

Withdraw: the checkbox must be unchecked.

After clicking on "Create API key" save both parts of the key (ID + Secret) in a safe place.


Step 5. Connecting to a trader on the TradingChamp website

Select your preferred trader in the TradingChamp traders rating and click "Connect". Add saved API-key values to the form:


Step 6: Choose a tariff and end the connection.

Choose the rate that suits you and check the "My Traders" section in your profile for a trader. The "Active" status in the right column means that copytrading is performed and your exchange account is correctly connected to follow the trader.


@Attention You can observe the process of trading at the exchange.

However, interference in trading will disconnect your account from the copytrading and put your funds in danger! It is forbidden to create/modify/remove any orders/stops/take profits or change the leverage for open positions in your account.